What To Ask An Asphalt Paving Contractor

Hiring an asphalt contractor shouldn’t be a daunting task. Ask the right questions prior to signing on the dotted line. Here is a list of six questions to get the conversation started.

Questions To Ask Your Asphalt Contractor:

1. Does the contractor have proper liability insurance?

The asphalt contractor you choose should have proper liability insurance just in case any type of accident occurs on the worksite. A Reputable asphalt contractor will supply this paperwork.

2. Can the contractor provide references?

Get references and check reviews- don’t focus on just the positive. Make note of how the contractor has responded to negative reviews as well. Sometimes, how a company handles the occasional conflict can give you a good insight into their integrity and if they are willing to stand by their workmanship.

3. What equipment is required to do the asphalt project?

Some equipment used in asphalt paving includes; asphalt pavers, skid steers, asphalt rollers, trucks, rakes, brooms, shovels, etc. Make sure the contractor has state-of-the-art equipment for the best results. Proper compaction of asphalt is imperative for long-lasting pavements. Ask the contractor what equipment they will use to complete your asphalt surface.

4. Are the employees of the asphalt company trained?

The employees of a reputable company should all be trained to do the job that is required and represent themselves professionally. Ask what type of training employees are required to have in order to work for the paving company.

5. Exactly, how much will the asphalt project cost?

The asphalt contractor will prepare a bid based on a thorough evaluation of existing pavement, sub-base condition, and the type of asphalt required for the best overall result. Make sure to ask: How many inches of compacted asphalt you will have? How many inches of sub-base will be required and what type of asphalt is best suited for the overall use of asphalt surface? There are options. The estimator should provide you with a written estimate that is detailed in nature.

6. Does the paving project come with a warranty?

When the asphalt project is complete the contractor should offer some type of warranty. This warranty will protect you, the homeowner if the asphalt driveway develops a problem.

You should feel at ease with the contractor you ultimately choose. An honest and qualified asphalt contractor will welcome any questions a property owner may have. Take time to gather the right information and educate yourself before you decide which asphalt contractor is indeed qualified to do your asphalt project.

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