A Superior Success Story-Customer Review

Customer Review- Mr. Michael Gutierrez

Oak Park Apartments, Kentwood, MI.

We would like to share a Superior Success Story. During the 2019 summer paving season, Superior Asphalt, Inc. was commissioned to repave a parking lot for Mr. Michael Gutierrez, the owner of Oak Park Apartments, Kentwood MI.

Mr. Gutierrez takes great pride in his property and keeps it looking pristine for his tenants. Recently, we received a letter from Michael regarding his experience with our company. He truly made our day!

All of us at Superior Asphalt, Inc. are honored to have earned such a complimentary review…

“Johnny Put Some Love On It”

In May 2019 I called Superior Asphalt and spoke to John Alonzo to request a quote on resurfacing our parking lot at Oak Park Apartments. When John came out to survey the area he made some suggestions on how to improve the grade and the water draining in the lot. In talking with John it became very evident he possessed a great deal of knowledge and expertise in his field. The work involved was quite extensive as it included the removal of the old asphalt, regrading of the gravel base, cement removal, and replacement, as well as extensive handwork under carports. Traffic was also a very important consideration as the area is very active with people and vehicles throughout the day.

John subsequently provided a quote, which I thought, was very reasonable considering the extent of the work involved. From the moment we agreed to do business together John remained my constant contact in scheduling the various projects. He stayed with me every step of the way and if an issue developed as they always do on construction sites, it was taken care of immediately. John always provided a solution to anything that came up. He always had my complete confidence. For example, The final grade of the gravel base had been completed and there was a 24-hour gap between the application of the base coat of asphalt. A sudden unforeseen rainstorm was suddenly forecasted and I got a call from John. He was concerned that the gravel would wash away in the storm and ruin the work, not to mention the financial loss of the completed work. The financial loss was my loss, not that Superiors, but John said he would try to get a base coat on the gravel before the rain arrived but many things had to be moved around and he could not guarantee it. This conversation between John and I took place at around 10:00 a.m.

Approximately one hour later, the Superintendent of Superior Asphalt, Rick Browley, drove out to the scene. Rick looked the job site over and immediately started making phone calls and continued to do so as he left the scene. Within 40 minutes a traffic control crew began arriving and setting up cones and traffic control devices. During this time workers and equipment also began arriving. Within two hours approximately 20 workers, numerous asphalt trucks, two pavers, and rollers were on the job site. Within four to five hours the job site was covered, cleaned, and the crew completely gone. The job site was preserved and protected from very heavy rain, which did fall a few hours later. They did not have to do this for me, but they did and I was extremely grateful. The whole incident reminded me of a highly trained and well-organized military unit. You could not help but have the impression that these people certainly know what they are doing and they know how to get it done fast and efficiently. Some of my tenants witnessed this with big smiles on their faces because they were as impressed as to how fast things were accomplished. I am convinced that if this were any other company that did not have the resources and manpower of Superior Asphalt the job would have taken a very expensive turn for me. This showed me that they care for their customers a great deal and would do whatever they had to do in order to make it right for their customers. The finished product was excellent. It looked like a sheet of black velvet when it was completed. Superior also provided sources for parking bumpers, and line painting, essentially anything you need or ask for, Superior can accommodate you. If your job calls for subcontracting on things they don’t normally handle they can provide you with sources that have already been vetted by them, so I was not disappointed in anything they recommended to me. Everything they did was a definite improvement to the property. I invite anyone who would like to inspect their excellent work to drive through our complex:

Oak Park Apartments, 4650 Eastern Ave. S.E, Kentwood, Michigan 49508

You are welcome anytime. I would like to thank everyone at Superior Asphalt the owner of the company, Jeff Kresnak for developing such a great organization, and every employee associated with the company for the excellent experience we had in working with you. You are all a part of something very special as your professionalism and customer service make you very unique in today’s workforce. Next time I need any paving done I only have to make one call. And to top everything off I was working at our complex sometime in early December when two very pretty young ladies drove up and presented me with a lovely Christmas basket compliments of Superior Asphalt.

After they left I thought, “It is I who should have bought them a gift for all the beautiful work they did for us.” A first-class company all the way.”

Thank you all Warmest regards, Michael Gutierrez Owner, Oak Park Apartments Azteca Properties L.L.C

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