The Importance Of Seal Coating And Crack Filling Your Asphalt Pavement

Seal Coating and Crack Filling are important elements of a strategic asphalt management plan.

If left to the harsh elements, asphalt pavement will deteriorate rapidly. The asphalt binder that holds the pavement together will begin to oxidize and weather. If moisture is allowed to penetrate the asphalt it will deteriorate at a rapid pace especially during the harsh winters of Michigan. There are preventative measures that you can take.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
-Benjamin Franklin

  • Sealcoating and Crack Filling are important elements of a strategic asphalt management plan.
  • Sealcoating is used to protect off-highway asphalt surfaces against gasoline, oil, salt, water and ultraviolet rays. Sealcoating should be applied one year after a new parking lot or driveway is constructed and then every 2-3 years for proper maintenance. It’s virtually sunscreen for your asphalt surface.
  • Cracks in your asphalt pavement should not be ignored and need to be filled. Cracks in asphalt pavement will turn into potholes through out harsh winter months if left untreated. Moisture that is allowed to work its way into cracks will saturate the subgrade. Extensive damage will occur. The weakened asphalt pavement will be left unsupported, cracks will widen, and potholes will form during the freeze-and-thaw cycles. Once traffic hits that spot, the cavity that was created will collapse and a pothole will form. Cracks ¼ to ½ inch should be filled with crack filler. Cracks ½ or larger are too large to effectively crack fill and other maintenance procedures should be discussed.

Save yourself from future headaches. Protect your investment. Crack sealing and sealcoating are essential steps to a proper strategic asphalt management plan and far less expensive than new construction once pavement is irreparable or worse, someone gets hurt and you are left with costly medical bills or a lawsuit from a slip and fall in your parking lot. You can rely on the professionals at Superior Asphalt, Inc. to give you an honest and proper analysis of your asphalt investment. “Service Beyond The Surface” is our motto and we stick to it.


The Benefits of seal coating and crack filling asphalt pavement include:

  • Reduces long term repair costs
  • Accelerates melting of snow and ice on the pavement surface
  • Protects your pavement from oxidation, oil and chemical spills
  • Protects against water penetration, rain, frost and snow damage
  • Enhances the appearance of your building and landscape
  • Prolongs pavement life, safeguarding your investment
  • Keeps your family and or customers safe from slips and fall

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