Superior Asphalt, Inc. Has An Asphalt Maintenance Plan for You

Superior Asphalt, Inc. Has An Asphalt Maintenance Plan For You.  

We have a “lot” to talk about…

Superior Asphalt, Inc. is here to take the guesswork out of maintaining your asphalt parking lot or residential driveway. 

The Importance of Asphalt Maintenance & Strategic Maintenance Plans

A little maintenance can go a long way to protect your asphalt pavement investment and save you money over time. Whether you’re maintaining a residential driveway or multiple facilities with very large parking lots the steps to maintain your asphalt investment are relatively simple. Your parking lot or driveway is always the first impression a guest or a customer makes with your home or business. Asphalt that is smooth, clean and well taken care of will leave the desired impression.

Superior Asphalt, Inc. is here to help alleviate the headaches and take the guesswork out of maintaining your parking lot or residential driveway. Call upon one of our representatives to assist you with setting your budget and a long-term plan for the maintenance of your asphalt. With a plan in place you can avoid last minute budgeting or worse reactive budgeting and wasteful spending. Why not get ahead of the game with a clear plan in place?  Maintaining your Asphalt and creating a long-term plan is not only budget friendly, you will be assured the value and beauty of your real estate will remain in tact wile alleviating hazards and potential liability.

Asphalt Maintenance Site Evaluation-What to expect from us…

Initially, a complete site evaluation of your parking lot or drive will be conducted. All problem areas (pot holes, cracks, sink holes, dumpster areas, entrances and exits and striping) will be notated. During this phase, pictures may be taken and site maps used to draw out areas where the work may need to be performed. In taking the time to do an accurate site evaluation, repairs can be ranked from the DSC_0439most important to the least important. For example, a pothole in the entrance will take precedence over pavement cracking in the back of a building. The entire surface will be evaluated. Some problems may be due to lack of maintenance as others may be due to a design flaw.
Some may be simply due to the age of the asphalt pavement. Once a cost is associated with each repair, budgeting and allocation of funds may begin. During the Site Evaluation we are able to meet with you directly or any other personnel to answer questions and offer suggestions. Our representatives will discuss your expectations, traffic loads and budgetary concerns. The entire site evaluation service is free of charge.

Basic Preventative Maintenance Includes: 

  • Regular Sealcoatingapplications, to keep your asphalt look fresh and to protect it from harmful UV rays, water and surface pollutants
  • Crack Filling and Repair– to make sure cracks don’t have the chance to expand quickly and cause more damage.
  • Utilizing Sweeping Services – to keep pollutants out and to regularly inspect your surface
  • Pothole Repair– to ensure potholes and water infiltration does not compromise the sub-base of your asphalt surface.
  • StripingThe precise pavement markings you need depend on
    DSC_0665local ordinances, the configuration of your parking lot and the amount of traffic the lot must normally support. Typically, markings include all or most of the following: ADA-compliant markings, such as dedicated parking spaces that are handicapped-accessible


Pavements in various conditions require different types of treatments. These procedures can vary from minor, routine maintenance to complete reconstruction. It is important to remember that your asphalt is only as good as it’s sub-base and the maintenance that has been preformed in the past. Representatives from Superior Asphalt, Inc. are highly skilled contractors who will help you understand your maintenance options and guide you through the process.

We encourage you to give one of our highly skilled representatives a call regarding your asphalt parking lot or asphalt driveway maintenance needs. Superior Asphalt’s company motto is “Service beyond the Surface” and we stick to it. Superior Asphalt, Inc. has been a Michigan based company for 34 years. Our employees all live in the communities we service and take great pride in knowing that they’ve had a hand in improving their community’s infrastructure. At Superior Asphalt, Inc. we are committed to providing our neighbors with the best asphalt materials and paving services available.

Superior Asphalt, Inc. owns and operates two state of the art asphalt manufacturing facilities. We control the entire process and will provide you with the highest quality custom asphalt mixes to meet your specific asphalt paving needs. From Grand Rapids to the Greater Lansing area, Superior Asphalt, Inc. has your asphalt covered.